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Only You


Only You

Alt names Violent Passion - Indulgent Tyrant
Author Tohjoh Asami
Artist Tohjoh Asami
Genre Yaoi , Comedy
Theme School Life
Content Smut


1) Only You
Doujima is a captain and the only member of his Judo club of his high school. In order to prevent his club from being shut down due to the lack of members, he tries to recruit the reluctant, number-one judo member from junior high, Yuuki. Will Yuuki join the Judo club and how does Doujima tempt him?

2) Lovin' You
Yuuki is doing his best to recruit new members for the judo club, though his method is questionable.

3) With You
Doujima and Yuuki are still the only members in the judo club and they are going to have a 5-day sleep-over training.

4) For You
Does sempai love him? Will sempai remember his birthday? The way this junior shows his love is by taking sempai!

5) Breathless
About Akao and Karube from With You.

6) Violent Passion - Indulgent Tyrant
Fujikawa-sensei is working part-time at a host club to pay off a debt he had co-signed for. The vice-principal of the school threatens to expose him if Fujikawa doesn't become his boy-toy, but Fujikawa is saved by the intervention of a student, Kagaya. But it turns out to be a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire. Kagaya helps resolve the debt for Fujikawa-sensei, but he makes the sensei pay with his body. Will the sensei be able to get out of this situation before he starts to like it?

7) Happy Days
A short cute story about Doujima and Yuuki.

8) Give me Senpai
Doujima and Yuuki go to the ferris wheel.


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