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Released July 19, 2010 · consists of 1 releases.

HoopWorld is a 3-on-3 arcade style basketball game for WiiWare.

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First release date July 19, 2010
Platform Wii Shop
Developer Virtual Toys
Genre Sports , Basketball


Hoopworld: BasketBrawl is a 3 on 3 basketball game with arcade elements, such as fighting and power-ups. The game includes several teams with more unlockable, as well as various courts set in different locations around the world. It includes a quick match mode, for 1 or 2 player games, a tournament mode where you play through World Championships of selectable difficulties, and a survival mode, where the difficulty increases with each game won. There's also a global online ranking system.


The game requires a Wii Remote and attached Nunchuk for each player. Characters are moved using the Nunchuk's Control Stick, with the C button used for dashes and Z to switch Characters. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are both Tilted up to make a Character shoot whilst in posesion of the ball, while the Wii remote is moved in conjunction with a direction on the Control Stick to pass the ball to team mates. Without the ball, the Wii Remote is moved to attack the other team, whilst moving it with the B button held is used to intercept shots and win the tip off. The A Buton is used to activate power ups.

Power Ups

Power-ups appear randomly on the court in a item boxes. Run over them to pick them up. Some items are for instant use, others have a temporary effect. An item is queued for later use if another effect is currently active.

  • Turtle's Shell - Green Shield Icon
    Makes your team immune to damage. Lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Energy Surge - Red Lightning Bolt Icon
    Fills your Energy Meter, allowing you to endlessly use Energy-consuming moves for its duration. Energy Surge lasts for 10 seconds.
  • The Bomb - Green Bomb Icon
    The Bomb has an instant effect: A massive explosion knocks your opponents down.
  • Bull Rage - Red Bull Icon
    Gives your team a strength boost. Knock out opponents in one hit! Bull Rage lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Straight Shooter - Gold Crosshair Icon
    Greatly increases the chance of a successful basket. Lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Basket Shield - Purple Shield Icon
    Magic protects your basket, causing enemy shots to be repelled. Lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Golden Ball - Gold Ball Icon
    Get a basket with this to get 5 points. Watch out - opponents can steal it from you. This effect stays active until someone scores.
  • Shadow Ball - Purple Ball Icon
    Get a basket with this to remove 5 points from the opponent's score. This ball can also be stolen. This effect stays active until someone scores.

The Hoopworld Legend

Long ago, a lost civilization called the Elders, who worshipped the magical power of Nature, built a network of sacred temples around the world.

Millennia have since passed, and the temples lie in ruins. But their energy still resonates from the land, attracting adventurers from distant lands. Drawn by the unknown force, friends have begun to rebuild the ruins into ball courts, knowing only they must relive the time-honored test of spirit of the Elders, the game now known as basketball.

All have different dreams, but they share a common ambition to see their spirit spread across the world – some for good... some for evil.

The Teams of Hoopworld

Samba Sunrise

Samba Sunrise are a fun-loving trio of girls who met during an island holiday and were inspired by the natural beauty of the land to rebuild a ruined court, igniting their quest to spread the spirit of summer and joy. From Left to Right they are Camilla, Ariela and Lola Mamba.

Black Mercury

A gang of heartless mercenaries, Black Mercury sees only the potential for profit and power in HoopWorld. They want to find all the pieces of the magic armor that will give them control over armies of Shadowskulls. From Left to Right they are Kale, Gabriel and Lukas.

Sylent Tragedy

Sylent Tragedy’s members stumbled on a HoopWorld site by accident, but were immediately infused by its mysterious atmosphere. Its dark beauty and raw energy has given them dreams of spreading a wild, crazy outdoor party across the entire world. From Left to Right they are Thorn, Ginger and Wynter.


The Kalans are a race of magical golems built from natural materials as guardians of HoopWorld temples. After millennia of lying dormant, they have been re-awakened as the guardians and arbitrators of the time-honored challenge of the ancients.


The Shadowskulls are the incarnation of all that was dark in the ancient race that built HoopWorld. Now awakened from their magical prison, they seek revenge against their creators’ legacy, and use the power of HoopWorld for evil.

Sunset Riders

The Sunset Riders protect their land with great reverence for its natural beauty, and will let no one mistreat it. Their goal is to ensure all HoopWorld sites are preserved and isolated from the destruction of the modern world. From Left to Right they are Boon, Chief Rock and El Charro.

The Pathfinders

The Pathfinders search for knowledge and answers, looking to piece together the puzzle that is HoopWorld. With their discovery of a jungle temple and unstoppable curiosity, they are sure to go far on their quest. From Left to Right they are Cajun, Dr Barclay and Bonnie.

The Courts of Hoopworld

Jungle Jam

Deep in the South American rainforest there is a mysterious temple, long-forgotten, built over a tremendous source of magical power. The energy of this place fuelled the lost civilizations of the area, giving them great wisdom and courage.

Magma Rumble

In the boiling depths of an active volcano lie the ruins of a magical prison, sealing the Shadowskulls supposedly forever with a powerful artifact. But the artifact's seal was stolen, and now the evil is loose upon the world.

Totem Rock

Totem Rock is a holy place for Native Americans of Southwest USA - Eagle Rock and Wolf Hill stand guard over one of the first HoopWorld sites and it has been rebuilt by the Sunset Riders in honor of the Elders.

Olympus O.D.

Olympus O.D. is one of the holiest and oldest HoopWorld sites, standing isolated on an impossible cliff, overlooking a peaceful Greek village and clear waters. It is guarded eternally by the Kalans, the sleepless watchmen of the Elders.

Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure is a forgotten pier on a remote and beautiful Pacific island. The Samba Sunrise team found it and were overcome with a mysterious urge to rebuild it into a ball-court, their happiness flowing into the soft ocean currents.

Fullmoon Fever

Full Moon Fever is a mysterious clearing found in the depths of the Black forest, pulsating with the magic of the land, which is so strong that it has mutated the vegetation into huge proportions and eerie, glowing colors.

The Characters of Hoopworld


Never standing still, Ginger is an electric ball of pure energy. With her witty mouth, cute looks and endless confidence, she almost always gets her way. And now, she couldn’t be any more excited to be learning the wonderful mysteries of the HoopWorld. She loves her new friends and playing ball with them, and sees the HoopWorld magic as a way to spread the fun she is having with her friends across the entire world, giving everyone a spark of that bubbling Ginger craziness.


Wynter was a late bloomer in life; always more content to stay in her room drawing than to go out and party. It was this love for art that led her to the world of comics, games and cos-play. Her favorite thing is to dress up like crazy game and comic characters and have fun with other fans at conventions and shows. This team with Ginger and Thorn now is pretty fun, so she’ll stick with it for a while, hoping that the magic of HoopWorld can spread the love of fancy costumes and superheroes throughout the world, making it all one big everything-fan convention.


Thorn is a rocker rebel at heart, drummer in his band, a loner. He doesn’t need anyone, doesn’t answer to anyone, and likes it just like that. But there was always something missing in his life, some purpose. He wants to be done with the dirty garages and sleeping in bus-stops, it’s time to make it big in the music business. And now with Ginger and Wynter as a team, playing for the magic of the HoopWorld, he has a chance to do just that. He will let the whole world hear the thunder of his beats as it sparks lightning in the sky with his rocking fury.


Ariela loves sports and sunlight more than anything in the world. She’s played beach soccer, volleyball, handball, and now she’s trying basketball out, and she is loving it. With energy bursting from her body, she needs to constantly be on the move, and can think of no better adventure than a sports road trip with her two new friends. Strong-willed and a born leader, she’s committed to making the most of her time and living it up every waking moment. And if these legends Lola talks about are true, Ariela hopes to share with the all world the good vibes she lives by and beautiful weather she loves.

Lola Mamba

Lola Mamba is an exotic girl with a mysterious past. She seems to know everything there is about native medicine and traditions, and always mentions the most unexpected and distant customers in her accounts of working at an alternative medicine drugstore. She also has heard the tales of HoopWorld, and having found one of the legendary courts and two girls of pure spirit to play with, she’s determined to track the rest of the sites down and conquer the HoopWorld energy, in hopes of finding the ultimate means of communication with the world of spirits and magic.


Camilla is the youngest of the three, and likes to think of herself as the most stylish. A Samba dancer for the Carnival parade in Rio, she works at a trendy boutique in her downtime, teaching aspiring fashionistas the dos and don’ts of the season’s style. She loves being the center of attention, and works hard at anything to be noticed, making her a determined athlete and fearsome foe on the ball court. And with a power like the HoopWorld magic, her dreams of a worldwide make-over could become a reality and the whole world can be made beautiful and stylish.

Chief Rock

One of the last remaining members of his tribe, Chief Rock is a spiritual leader in constant communion with the land. He holds nature and its laws as sacred, and sees little value in material goods and needs. He has communed with the Spirits and they told him of the HoopWorld magic and its power to keep the sacred sites of the world intact; allied with his two Braves, he will let nothing stop him from focusing this energy and honoring his Ancestors and tribesmen for all time.

El Charro

El Charro is an old-fashioned man at heart, who loves the simple things in life: friends and laughter, good food and wine... He’s done some crazy things in life, and was even known as Charro El Bandito Loco in the past, but that’s all behind him now. Although still big and tough, he’s just happy to run his tavern and watch his daughter grow up into a beautiful woman. And if he can use HoopWorld magic to make sure his land and culture survive for his grandchildren, there’s nothing that will stop him.


Boon is a true cowboy – traveler, lover, fighter, rogue… But he has a charm about him that somehow manages to keep him in one piece while dodging slaps and bullets. He loves excitement, grand adventures, and girls, and sees HoopWorld as the perfect means to accomplish this goal. Ladies love famous athletes, right?


Gabriel was an out of work mercenary, and bored. Having found all his bounties, and getting tired with the simplicity of taking out amateurs, he was looking for a challenge, and something to really sink his teeth into. That’s when he first heard the legend of the HoopWorld. Seeing a potential source of income in the legend, he researched more, eventually finding out about Kalans and the Shadowskulls, and how the Ancients were said to be able to control vast armies of these golems using a single magical suit of armor. He became determined to make this power his own, and lead hordes of magical constructs into battle for the highest bidder. With his two partners, he will stop at nothing to collect all the missing pieces of armor and unite them, taking control of the HoopWorld armies and using its powerful magic to spread fear and submission across the world.


One day, when Gabriel was in the thick of his HoopWorld research, planning on how to steal the fabled Gauntlet of Hoops, Kale showed up at the door of his – until then – secret lair. Nobody really knows where Kale came from or what his past is like, only that he talks very little, and when he does, he talks in cryptic riddles with bizarre spiritual references and an ominous tone: “I know of your dreams and the power you seek. It lives in the dark heart of man, like a spider, waiting for the chance to pounce on a helpless fly. I can help you find it… but are you willing to pay the price for such power? Gabriel gulped. “Anything… I need it.” Kale nods. “Then the Armor of HoopWorld… is ours.”


Long ago, two brothers played in the desert together. One was peaceful and quiet, going for long walks and sitting with animals under the moon. The other was restless, unhappy, complaining about the lack of excitement and emptiness of the desert, the lands of their Native American forefathers. And so on his 16th birthday, Lukas decided to run away, leaving behind his brother Rock and his father. He tried his luck as a deckhand on a merchant ship, a bouncer in a club, and eventually found his Native American training and inborn toughness made him an excellent fighter, and he became a mercenary for hire to the highest bidders, while his brother went off to become Chief Rock, the leader of their tribe. Once Lukas found out about Gabriel’s plan to obtain the armor, and how Chief Rock was also searching for the other HoopWorld sites, Lukas jumped at the opportunity to confront his brother, and prove once and for all to the entire world who was strongest and how useless the old ways and traditions are.


Kalans share a single mind while having individual thought and action. They are honorable and truthful without fail, and exceptional athletes, the incarnation of the noble spirit of their ancestors. Their purpose in life is to preserve the culture of the HoopWorld, and the sanctity of the Game, promoting team spirit, the courage of a warrior, and the ambition to be Champion. Their bodies of gold and local minerals are strong and resilient, allowing them to survive for millennia without damage, laying dormant until a team with a passionate heart begins to bounce a ball on their land, awakening the spirit and challenge of the HoopWorld once again.


Shadowskull is a being of darkness. It hates, it’s bitter, unhappy. All of the Shadowskull golems share this hatred, and want to stamp out any source of fun, sportsmanship and fair-play from the world. They don’t want to achieve anything of their own – their sole purpose is to crush the efforts of others, other ballers, or their greatest enemies, the despicable and good golden Kalans. They see Kalans as favored children, and themselves as the unwanted and outcast sons of the Ancients, and want nothing more now than to see the complete and utter destruction of everything their creators left on earth.

Doctor Barclay

Doctor Barclay, “Professor” to his students, is one of the greatest living historians and archeologists, and the world’s only expert on the legends of HoopWorld. He has devoted his entire life to studying ancient civilizations and the mysterious power that drove them, and now that he discovered a ruined temple in the jungle, he is convinced he can find all the other sites and activate the magic of HoopWorld for the advancement of history and cultural understanding across the world.


Bonnie was always fascinated with history and ruins, even as a little girl. A young woman attending college now, she is Doctor Barclay’s prize student, and he has taken her under his wing and mentored her to become a top-class research archeologist. Driven by her passion and the desire to make her Professor proud, she wants to prove to herself and the world that she is more than an irresistibly cute and witty teacher’s pet – and re-discovering the HoopWorld magic is the greatest proof of all.


Cajun grew up in a concrete jungle, but soon realized his place was among real nature, and not the violence of the modern world. He became a ranger for natural preserves, keeping them untouched and unspoiled by civilization. The only regret he has is leaving behind the inner city kids he used to teach basketball to. But now that he has found Bonnie and Doctor Barclay, he knows their shared love for the land will bring him to the source of the HoopWorld magic, and realize his dream of basketball played all across the world on natural courts, in harmony with the World.


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Platform Wii Shop
Region United States
Release date July 19, 2010
Product code None
Company code None
Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players N/A
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Sound Systems N/A
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Widescreen Support No
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