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Released August 13, 1994 · consists of 0 releases.

A 2D action game where players shoot zombies and find or destroy objects in order to advance to the next level.

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First release date August 13, 1994
Platform PC
Genre Action


Cyberdogs can be played alone or in co-op mode with up to two players. If players choose to play the game in co-op, one person uses the regular arrow keys and the other person has to use regular letter keys to move around. In the co-op mode, players can choose to play "every dog for itself", where players play against the same enemies but earnings are not shared between players; alternatively, players can play it more "friendly" by sharing everything all earnings. The game will have more enemies and tougher objectives when playing co-op rather than single player.


There are three characters that can controlled:

  • Ice (bald with sunglasses)
  • Jones (bald without sunglasses)
  • Warbaby (red bandana)

It doesn't really matter which character players choose, since there are no special qualities tied to the characters. After players have chosen their character, it is time to buy weapons.



There are several tasks that players have to finish before going to the next level:

  • Finding a certain amount of items
  • Killing a certain amount of enemies
  • Destroying one or more enemy bases
  • Any combination of the above

Once players have reached the goal, they can go to a gate that will lead to the "shop" where players can prepare for the next level. Players cannot leave the level until completing the objectives. There will be a permanent marker showing how many items/enemies/enemy bases there are still left to find or destroy.


Players can buy weapons at the beginning of the game with a certain amount of money and also in between the different levels. If players do not have any weapons or ammunition, they must use fists. Weapons usually require ammunition; however, there is one weapon that does not need ammunition: the chainsaw. The chainsaw doesn't do a lot of damage and only works when the player character actually touches the enemy. Also, players can buy more than one chainsaw and use it as a secondary weapon. When firearms run out of ammunition, players will automatically switch to the chainsaw instead of bare hands, so the damage will be higher.

Which weapons players should buy depends on a number of factors including how good the player is at aiming at targets and how many enemies are in a given level and which type. The better weapons are more expensive or have very expensive ammunition.

Armor and lives

As well as purchasing weapons and ammo, players are able to buy armor or lives with the same money. At the start of the game, players will have a certain amount of armor (which can be seen as health). The maximum amount of armor that players can have can be increased by buying extra armor. There is a limit to this, so players can only buy extra armor a certain amount of times.

When players run out of armor, a life is lost. Players can buy extra lives for a relatively high price, but the maximum amount of lives that players can stock is also limited.


Levels progressively get more difficult; objectives will be harder, the enemies will get tougher and there will be more of them. Players get to see how many enemies of each kind there are at the start a level, so the difficulty of a given level can be anticipated. The enemies vary in strength, health and speed. Players can recognize the different types of enemies by the items they wear and the color of their clothes. Each time an enemy is near, players will get a text message on the screen. In certain level, there are enemy bases where a huge amount of enemies lurk to protect their spot. Destroying an enemy base is evidently harder than destroying an enemy, but it does not require special weapons. The enemy base looks like a big black circle with lines coming out of it and has no special abilities to do damage in any way.


There are several objects to be found in the game:

  1. Regular items that have to be found in order to complete some tasks. These items can be all kinds of things, from bears to files laying on the floor. By walking over them, players collect these items.
  2. Skulls that represent lives.
  3. Blue suits. Regular blue suits reward extra armor, while blue suits with a yellow plus on it give players the maximum amount of armor.
  4. Weapons. If players already have the weapon on the ground, players will just receive ammo.

Earning money

Ways to earn money that can then be spent on weapons, ammunition, armor, and lives:

  1. Finish tasks before the timer runs out and going through the special gate.
  2. Finding regular items.
  3. Selling weapons, ammunition, and lives.
  4. Killing enemies.

After players finish a task, players can decide if they want to go for the timer-bonus (money rewarded for finishing levels quickly) or keep looking for more items and continue killing more enemies.


Players have access to a map on which shows all of the walls and items that have been seen. There are different symbols/colors for each type of object that has been revealed on the map.

Game over

Every time players run out of armor, players will lose a life; if all lives are lost, the game is over. When players play in co-op, it is possible for one person to die and for the other one to keep playing. If the survivor manages to complete all of the tasks and reach the gate, the dead person will get revived and regain a few lives. When both of the team mates die, the game will be over.


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