Lux Azygram


Lux is the main character of Scarlet Shadow. He's a swordsman and can use light magic.

Character Name Lux
First Appearance Scarlet Shadow

Lux is the main character of Scarlet Shadow. He's a 19 years old human, who's particulary good at swordsplay, given that he trained with it since childhood. At the beginning of Scarlet Shadow, he has teamed up with the Keruby Irid in order to defeat the Ether Animus, however his true goal is to get revenge. He's usually quite the nice guy, who only talks when necessary, but often teases Lumi and jokes with her. He's also a very loyal person, as once he makes a commitment he hardly holds back. His magic element is light.


These are the techniques that Lux can learn in Scarlet Shadow 0.5.8.

Name of the skill Type of Skill Level Required Cost
Counter Passive Skill 1 -
Light Beam Magical Skill 1 7 MP
Brave Shot Physical Skill 2 80 TP
Sword Slash Physical Skill 10 15 MP
Burning Soul Passive Skill Learned after the Soul Temple -
Light Enhancement Buff Skill 17 5 MP
Triple Slice Physical Skill 25 15 MP

Light Enhancement and Thriple Slice have been added in the 0.5.7 version.