Meet Tesla’s New Robot Friend: Optimus-Gen 2!

Meet Tesla's New Robot Friend: Optimus-Gen 2!

Tesla just introduced their third robot buddy, Optimus-Gen 2, following Bumblebee (September 2022) and Optimus-Gen 1 (March 2023).

Elon Musk, the person behind Tesla, showed off the cool upgrades made to Optimus-Gen 2 since it was first shown earlier this year. You can watch a video on X (previously Twitter) shared by Tesla Optimus, where the robot walks around a Tesla factory with Cybertrucks nearby.

Here’s what’s cool about Optimus-Gen 2:

  1. Moves Faster: Tesla says Optimus-Gen 2 can walk 30% faster than the first version and is 10 kg lighter.
  2. Better Hands: The robot has quicker hands with 11 degrees of freedom. It can even feel things with its fingers, like holding eggs without breaking them!
  3. Does More Tricks: Optimus-Gen 2 has better balance and control. It can even do squats!
  4. Fancy Tech Stuff: The robot uses special parts made by Tesla, like sensors and moving parts in its neck, foot sensors, and more. It’s like having a super-smart computer for a friend!
  5. Family of Robots: Optimus-Gen 2 joins Tesla’s other robot pals, Bumblebee from September 2022 and Optimus-Gen 1 from March 2023.

Elon Musk shared the video on his social media too, showing how excited he is about this new robot. Optimus-Gen 2 is like a high-tech friend that can do lots of cool things, making robots even more awesome!

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