Google Investigates Reports of Missing Files in Drive – Users Urged to Exercise Caution

Google Investigates Reports of Missing Files in Drive; Users Urged to Exercise Caution

Numerous Google Drive users have raised concerns about disappearing files and folders, with some experiencing significant data losses spanning months. Google has officially acknowledged the issue, attributing it to problems associated with the Drive for Desktop app, as reported by 9to5Google.

The severity of the problem is evident in user testimonials. One individual lamented the loss of nearly five years’ worth of data from an expense spreadsheet, expressing frustration and the urgency of data retrieval. Another user reported a rollback to May 2023, resulting in the disappearance of all subsequent data. Several others shared similar distressing experiences.

In response to the growing reports, Google posted an update, stating, “we’re investigating reports of an issue impacting a limited subset of Drive for desktop users and will follow up with more updates.” The company identified the affected versions as Drive for Desktop v84.0.0.0 – Users were cautioned against clicking “disconnect account” within Drive for Desktop and advised against deleting or moving the app folder called DriveFS, with instructions provided on how to safeguard app data by creating a copy on the hard drive.

Despite Google offering various methods for recovering or checking deleted files, such as reviewing the trash and activity panel, users affected by this specific issue have reported that the activity panel fails to indicate the disappearance of files, according to discussions on Google’s support forums. The situation remains under investigation, with users anxiously awaiting further updates from Google.

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